life is how you look at it.

“The simple act of taking lots of pictures helped me see the city, its details, shapes and patterns. The more I looked for beauty in San Paolo, the more I found it.” – Rob Verger

I was on my favorite travel writing website the other day, World Hum, when I came across an audio slideshow put together by freelance writer Rob Verger. It’s called “Beauty Amid Ugliness” and features both insightful narration and stunning shots Rob took while in San Paolo, Brazil’s largest city. It wasn’t the first of this kind of audio slideshow I’ve seen on World Hum and as always, it struck me. Both for the mission behind it – the idea of looking for the small beauties is something I try to always keep my eye out for in other cities – and for the presentation of the idea. I loved how the spoken word augmented the shots and scenes of the slideshow.

And so this morning, when I went out on what I thought was an average walk to the post office, I kept figuratively bumping into these small joys that Rob extols in his slideshow. I didn’t have my camera with me, but I knew I had to go back out with it later. I thought a standard blog post would do, but after viewing the video on World Hum, I decided to give it a go myself…



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